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Krewe of Nyx Royalty

Goddess Nyx XII Mrs. Genie Ogden-Parade Theme: "Nyx Plays Games"

Goddess Nyx Graces 2024: Mrs. Rosalind Thibodeaux, Mrs. Lisa Dugas, Mrs. Bridget D'Amico

Goddess Nyx XI Mrs. Debbie Prejeant- Parade Theme: "Come Hell or Highwater"

Demi Goddess Ms. Shannon McDaniel

Goddess Nyx X Mrs. Nicol Dufrene- Parade Theme: "Ten Again"

Demi Goddess Ms. Christina Ray

Demi Goddess Ms. Brittany Maugh


Goddess Nyx IX - Parade Theme: "On Cloud 9"

Mrs. Sandra Nix - Grand Marshal: Mrs. Nancy Parker Boyd (Posthumously)

Goddess Nyx VIII - Parade Theme: "There's no bigger Party thana Parade"

Miss Shelby Seuzeneau - Grand Marshal: Ms. Angela Hill

Goddess Nyx VII - Parade Theme: "Nola's Triple Crown - "

Mrs. Karen Greig - Grand Marshal: Ms. Amanda Shaw

Reigning as Goddess Nyx VII is Mrs. Karen Boudrie Greig.

Goddess Nyx VI - Parade Theme: "DancingThe Night Away - "

Mrs.Zenia Williams - Grand Marshal: Mrs.Irma Thomas

Goddess Nyx V - Parade Theme: "Nyx Turns 5 - "

Mrs. Lori Seuzeneau - Grand Marshal: Mrs.Paggy Lee

Goddess Nyx IV - Parade Theme: "Nyx Celebrates The King"

Mrs. Jenna Frazier - Grand Marshal: The Dixie Cups

Goddess Nyx III - Parade Theme: "Cookin' with the Krewe"

Ms. Heather Hanlon Nichols - Grand Marshal: Mrs. Susan Spicer

Goddess Nyx II - Parade Theme: "What a Girl Wants"

Ms. Lauren Thom - Grand Marshal: Mrs. Laura Buchtel

Goddess Nyx I - Parade Theme: "Nola Reality Reigns"

Ms. Gigi Saak Grand Marshal: Mrs. Karen Swensen

About The Krewe Of Nyx

The Krewe of Nyx in New Orleans earned the honor of being the biggest Mardi Gras parade in history. With over 3400 riders in its 2020 parade, the all-female krewe broke barriers for the Super Krewes and raised the bar for parades everywhere.

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